Supporting Small Business Ownership

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. 77 to be exact. Some of these neighborhoods face serious economic challenges, and those are the areas we hope to help.

The path forward requires that these communities establish and maintain businesses that employ and serve their residents. Growing jobs and wages in these neighborhoods is the key to change. Small business stakeholders can unleash the power of economically challenged neighborhoods. And SBAC EMPOWER is the catalyst.

SBAC EMPOWER is a nonprofit organization established to encourage small business ownership through education and support. Affiliated with the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC), we are committed to being an integral part of the solution.

OUR PASSION is to promote entrepreneurship and small business development in economically-challenged communities. We partner with community leaders in disadvantaged neighborhoods across Chicagoland to help entrepreneurs acquire the skills required to start their own business. We are the bridge to education and support that empowers entrepreneurs to build communities.

SBAC EMPOWER rebuilds economically challenged communities by supporting the establishment of new businesses that create employment opportunities, destination branding and goodwill across Chicago’s business community. Our goal by 2022 is to have helped 500 business in 10 communities.

OUR RESOURCES are vast. We train business mentors and entrepreneurial mentees on how to build strong relationships, hold each other accountable and make measurable progress towards self-sustaining businesses. Our mentors are well-known small business owners and/or managers provided through our sister organization, the SBAC.

In addition, our Resource Portal is a great tool to assist new entrepreneurs and small business owners. It serves as a small business support resource — a one-stop access point where new business owners can find answers during the initiation process.