First Year Successes

In 2017, SBAC Empower accomplished a lot in our first year, including: facilitating two classes of participants in our Empowering Small Business Seminar Series; the successful launch of our mentoring program and support for the funding program; and hosting the Chicago Entrepreneur Expo.

We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2018, but we can’t do it alone.

Here are a few reasons why a donation to SBAC Empower is a wise one:

  • Supporting people in career transitions — whether or not starting a business is the right path for them — reinforces our mission of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting the creation of small business is the backbone of our Illinois economy.
  • Providing small business support to individuals who lack the resources to do it on their own can impact business in economically challenged Chicago communities.
  • Small businesses started by SBAC Empower graduates benefit from the Small Business Advocacy Council
  • All contributions to SBAC Empower are tax deductible.

Can we count on you for support?


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