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The SBAC is a non-partisan, member driven organization that promotes the success of small business through political advocacy, support services and educational programs.

The SBAC is a full-service advocacy organization and empowers its members in four distinct ways. First, it offers members a non-partisan and effective voice on their behalf in Washington, DC, Springfield and Chicago. Second, the SBAC connects entrepreneurs with other members in order to foster relationships within the community and generate mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Third, the organization offers educational programming to promote best business practices and encourage growth. Lastly, the SBAC provides exclusive benefits to its members, including an array of discounts and rebates to help lower the costs of operating a business. https://www.smallbusinessadvocacycouncil.org/ 


OneOne Complete Business Complete Business (1CB) is passionate about helping business owners create sustainable, thriving businesses that align with their values. As entrepreneurs, they’ve started, grown, and sold eight business. In that time, they’ve seen it all. Too often, business owners are offered solutions that only address one aspect of their problems. 1CB’s experience lets them look across all parts of a business and see what is working well and what isn’t. Offering on-demand business consulting, educational workshops, and on-going support. Want to know what it’s like to work with them? Check out their free weekly podcast, One Complete Podcast, their unfiltered, irreverent take on all things business and business-ish.  https://www.onecbusiness.com/podcast 

Compelling copy. Engaging visuals.  Spot-on messaging telling prospective clients how you’ll solve their problems.

What A Great Website! builds marketing-driven custom websites to ramp up your business. https://whatagreatwebsite.net/


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