Supporting Small Business Ownership

Who We Are

We are excited to announce the launch of SBAC Empower, a nonprofit created to help individuals, who may be at a crossroad in their professional life, determine whether starting a small business is the right choice for them.

Our goal is to encourage small business ownership through education and support. We are affiliated with the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) and committed to advancing their work.

We are not an incubator or a job placement service. We are a support resource for individuals seeking to start their own business, as well a conduit to developing networking opportunities via the SBAC.

Who We Serve

Have you ever thought you’d love to start your own small business? Is entrepreneurship a path you’d like to pursue? If this sounds like you, but you’re stuck because you don’t know how or where to start, we can help.

SBAC Empower was founded to help people in career transitions who are considering a path in small business ownership but need assistance getting started. People who have been underemployed and stuck in a job that’s not challenging; people who’ve been laid off and are frustrated with the lack of job security; or people who just want to satisfy a long simmering desire to be their own boss.

Resources for Small Business Support

We offer a variety of resources to support small business and startups:

  • Empowering Small Business Seminar Series: 10-week seminar series, held at convenient times
  • one-on-one mentoring
  • alumni events
  • funding support: information on securing funding through alternative sources including crowdfunding and micro-lending

SBAC Empower Mentoring Program

  • 18 months of mentoring
  • available to participants who complete the three seminar tiers

Funding Support

  • information on securing funding through alternative sources including crowdfunding and micro-lending

Additional Support

  • alumni events beginning mid-2018
  • SBAC Empower newsletter will publish 4x/yr
  • extensive evaluations to help with tracking, program additions and improvements

Chicago Entrepreneur Expo

  • business expos are excellent resources for startups and entrepreneurs as well as established companies seeking resources to run more effectively
  • The Chicago Entrepreneur Expo will be an annual community-wide event.


  • Scott Baskin
  • Paul Detlefs
  • Phil Gafka
  • Dwayne Hirsch
  • Iris Marreck
  • Elliot Richardson